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Concrete Results.

Have you ever looked at a budget sheet, and thought "Impressive, but what do I do with that?"  Your results are concrete, not abstract with Budget Explorer 2012.

Your budget is displayed as a bank statement - as if you were looking at your statement from the future.  Day by day.  So any time you wonder if you've been following your budget, you know where you are.

You can only follow a budget you can understand - at a glance.




Safe and Private.

Every safety advice starts with "don't give up your bank account password to a web site".  Contrary to many concurrent budgeting solutions, we don't pry into your privacy.  Your data is private, and is stored only on your own computer.

When you make a budget for your home, your family, you're taking a most important step to ensure your financial safety.  You need to know if your budget is sound, if your future is where you want it to be.  You need the confidence to live your life, without constantly thinking of your finances.

And contrary to "free" services, we will not be giving you advice that will leave you wondering who benefits the most - "us or them?"

See the future


See the Future.

Some budgeting sites pride themselves in looking at the minute details of your actual bank accounts, and pore over all of your past transactions.  That's all very nice, but there's no point living in the past.

Nascent Freedom Budget Explorer is a budgeting software designed to show you what your future holds, day by day.  So you can look forward.

With Nascent Freedom Budget Explorer, you feel safe knowing what the future holds for you.  Day by day.

Explore as many budgets you want, by creating a project for each of life's little (and big) surprises.  Put them into action, at the click of a button.  That way, you're prepared.

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